Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ABC's GCB - TV Review

The acronym is for Good Christian B*tches, and it's the network's latest effort to replace the sudsy comic Desperate Housewives. It's all about Amanda (Leslie Bibb), a wife and mother living the rich life in California when her cheating husband dies in a car crash with his mistress. Turns out his wealth from running a Ponzi scheme, and so she takes her two children back to her hometown of Dallas and moves in with her mother (Annie Potts).

Now Amanda was quite the mean girl in high school. She's a decent person now, but all the girls she picked on still live in Dallas and have not forgiven or forgotten. Oh, they'll smile to her face, but they seek to undermine her at every turn. To a degree the cattiness might have been fun, and some of it is thanks to cast-memebers like Kristen Chenoweth and Miriam Shor, but the show has to rub in our faces that all of these "Christians" are back-biting hypocrites.

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