Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beneath the Darkness - DVD Review

Starring Dennis Quaid, Aimee Teagarden, Tony Oller, Stephen Lunsford and Brett Cullen.  Directed by Martin Guigui.

Too forgettable to be loathed, this little thriller stars Dennis Quaid as small-town mortician Vaughn Ely with deadly proclivities, and Quaid is amusing to watch in the role, but the movie is more interested in following a group of boring teens who suspect him.

Some low points:

- The cop just assumes that one kid dies by accidentally falling down the stairs even though another kid is a witness that he was deliberately pushed, and that Ely then stomped on his neck. No one anywhere wants to even look at the body to see if they wounds are consistant with that story?

- The kids are having a tense conversation at the funeral about Ely and then suddenly he appears out from behind the tree they were standing next to. He was hiding behind that tree the whole time?

Picture intense mystery violins as the soundtrack to a daytime soap opera, and that's how most of the scenes go.

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