Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods - Movie Review

Starring Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Brian White and Amy Acker.
Directed by Drew Goddard.


Anyone who's seen a horror movie knows the rules in a horror movie. And like Scream in 1996, this movie turns those rules on its head. This movie wasn't made. It has simply manifested itself in the universe. It's evolution.

Joss Whedon wrote and produced this little gem about five young people heading off to the proverbial cabin in the woods, the deadliest place for young people in movies. The movie lets you know right away there's another level going on. We meet two white-collar guys (Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford) who are manipulating events in a control room. There's an entire industry built on taking kids and running them through horror-movie tropes. But why?

Oh the answers come, and it's not what I expected. It's a terrific yanking of the rug.

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