Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AMC's The Killing - Season Finale - TV Review

Well, now we know who Rosie Larson's killer is.

If this gets a third season, with a new victim and mystery, and the producers promise the killer's revealed at the end of the season, I would like this to get renewed. The problem with this series was that it stretched out the mystery over two seasons. Sure, the Dutch series on which it's based did the same thing, but when I look back, there were so many red herrings and subplots that didn't add anything to the full picture.  For instance, none of Stan's mob background really mattered.

Now looking at what actually happened, it's a little disappointing that so much of it hinged on coincidence. Rosie happened to be there when Jamie, Ames and Chief Jackson were plotting. Rosie happened to hit her head when trying to flee. And cruelest twist of fate, Aunt Terry decided to put the car in gear and kill that girl in the trunk, not knowing it was her own niece.

So yeah, I wouldn't mind Lindon and Holder coming back. They've learned from their mistakes and can solve mysteries in one season now, I would hope.

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