Monday, June 18, 2012

AMC's Mad Men - TV Review

Matthew Weiner was one of the main brains behind The Sopranos, alongside David Chase and Terence Winter, and most seasons of The Sopranos had their penultimate episodes feel like the season finales. It was usually when an important character died (poor Ade!) and this season was no different.

Layne Price had been drowning all year, but hiding it from everyone, and his suicide had serious ramifications. The season finale was more about the aftermath, with characters moving to springboard spots. Don at the bar not sure how he should answer the question, "Are you alone?" Pete getting his downtown apartment, which will make it easier to cheat on his wife. Peggy at her new company, about to make it big with the not-yet-named Virginia Slims account. Joanie's a partner and a single mother. Ken's decided to step up and challenge Pete.

I'm not sure how having Peggy stay at a different agency will keep her in the loop. I'm holding out hope that Sal shows up in their art department. But I was intrigued by one theory that the series is going to end with SCDP getting bought out by Peggy's company, and Don finds himself working for his former protege. I could definitely see that being the endgame.

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