Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Thoughts in My Head

When Johnny Depp passed the torch to Channing Tatum in 21 Jumpstreet, he didn't realize it was the box-office torch.  Magic Mike will be Tatum's third movie this year to gross over $100 million (he was also in The Vow).

Have you seen the preview for Pitch Perfect? It's a Glee movie starring Academy-Award nominee Anna Kendrick. They must have offered her a ton of money to be in something like that.  You know, post-Twilight money.

The Bourne Legacy should not have blinked against Total Recall and moved back to August 10.  Bourne was poised to be the bigger hit.  The closer we get to August 3, the less likely I feel like Total Recall will be a success.  Of course, it has a better chance now that Bourne Legacy moved back.

Saw the trailer for Here Comes the Boom, and Kevin James gets himself into slightly believable shape as a teacher who decides to become an MMA fighter to raise money for his school.  It'll be seen by tons more people than those who saw Tom Hardy in Warrior.  Life's not fair.

The success of Alex Cross hinges on Matthew Fox giving a cool performance as the chatty serial killer.  I would not want to hinge the success of my movie on such an unlikely factor.

Looks like Marvel Studios is putting out a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  I thought I had a decent knowledge of comic-book characters but I've never heard of them.

It's been three weeks since Jessica Chastain was in a movie.  Is she okay?  Is she sick?  Someone should check on her.

I'll rent Think Like A Man when it comes on DVD. I feel like it's my duty to see any movie that's predominantly African-American that's not from Tyler Perry.

So were they making that Gotti movie? What happened to that?  It was going to star John Travolta, Al Pacino, Ben Foster, maybe Joe Pesci, maybe Lindsay Lohan... Nothing? I see it's in pre-production, sans Pesci and Lohan. I'd love to see Pesci in something besides a Snickers commercial.  He's made two movies in the past 14 years, and one of them was Love Ranch, which no one saw.

HBO has greenlit a movie about Chief Justice John Roberts making the courageous decision to uphold ObamaCare.  Not really, but it's plausible, isn't it?

Tom Cruise is divorcing Katie Holmes.  Her contract must have been up. I wonder what actresses in the 27-29 age range he'll audition for the role of his next girlfriend.  Tom Cruise was great in Rock of Ages, by the way. He deserved a better movie wrapped around him.

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