Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dark Knight Rises wins Friday

Warner Bros. has said they won't announce full-weekend grosses out of respect for the twelve who were killed in Aurora, Co.  Here were Friday's estimated numbers.

1.  The Dark Knight Rises - $77.2 million - 1 day
2.  Ice Age 4 - $6.8 ($75.3) - 8 days
3.  The Amazing Spider-Man - $3.3 ($221) - 18 days
4.  Ted - $3.1 ($173.6) - 22 days
5.  Brave - $1.9 ($205.7) - 29 days
6.  Magic Mike - $1.6 ($99.4) - 22 days

Obviously this weekend's fun at analyzing the business of The Dark Knight Rises has been ruined by a well-armed grad student dropout.  It'll probably do about $160 million for the weekend, then end its grosses in the $360 range.

Ice Age 4 will ultimately be profitable, but it'll probably be the last chapter.  It's not going to reach the heights of previous installments.

The Amazing Spider-Man passed $500 million world-wide grosses, and so the already-planned sequel is justified, but I think the series might need a good actor linked to a good villain to build better buzz for it.

Ted's the biggest R-rated comedy since the Hangover movies.

Brave will pass Ratatouille to be Pixar's ninth-highest grosser, and it'll likely pass #8 Wall-E.

Magic Mike will be Steven Soderbergh's first $100 million + grosser since Ocean's 13.

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