Friday, August 24, 2012

NBC's Rock Center- Mormon in America

9:02 - After a good intro, Brian Williams plays a clip from a Mitt Romney interview.

9:04 - Weird to see Harry Smith on NBC.

9:05 - Interview with JetBlue founder. "Why are Mormons so good at business?"  That segueways into how missionary service helps them plan their future.

9:08 - Williams to Smith: "How is this brotherhood and sisterhood different than firefighters, people who were in the service together?" Smith mentions how missionaries and their families pay for the mission themselves.


9:12 - The history part.  You know the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Osmonds, but now there's South Park and Broadway's Book of Mormon. Cut to a professor who calls it the most successful religion created in America.

9:13 - Nitpick. They said the angel Moroni first appeared to Joseph Smith, but it was the Father and the Son first.  No biggie.  Otherwise, great job nutshelling LDS history into three minutes.

9:15 - Steven R. Snow is interviewed, so it's cool they got a General Authority.  They touch on polygamy and differences between LDS and other Christians.

9:17 - Abby Huntsman, Jon Huntsman's daughter, is interviewed.  She left the church but is there to give insights.  They wonder why non-Mormons can't get into the temple.  She says it's a sacred thing, but hopes in the future that'll change.

9:19 - (Eww. They show undergarment models.)

9:21 - Going into baptism for the dead, the priesthood ban on blacks until 1978, this is really speeding along.


9:25 - 77% of Mormons say they go to church every week, which makes me wonder how many of the 6 million Mormns in the US still consider themselves Mormon.

9:26 - Cool, a feature on an active interracial couple.  Wow, more garment questions. "Tell me more about your underwear."

9:29 - Cut to Joanna Brooks, author of The Book of Mormon Girl. Raised to believe men and women are equal but they have clearly delineated roles.

9:31 - Mitch Mayne sighting!  Gay Mormon serving in San Francisco ward.  This is doing a good job offering diverse insights into the church.

9:35 - Abby Huntsman again.  Was offended by something her bishop said about her dating a non-member and left the church.  The bishop's either feeling bad right now or saying to the TV, "That's not what I said!"


9:39 - 13,628 bishops in the US. Mitt Romney used to be one.  Back to Harry Smith and the church welfare system.  Really goes into it in depth.  A walk-thru the bishop's storehouse.  I've needed to use such a warehouse on more than one occasion.  It's a blessing.


9:51 - The Book of Mormon on Broadway.  Clark Johnson, gay, ex-Mormon, cast member.  Still touched by his experiences on his mission.  Doubts his parents will catch the play when they get back from their own mission in Palau. :)

Overall, good one-hour snapshot.

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