Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall TV Preview 2012

Last year, there were 27 new shows on the networks.  Eleven of them got a second season, and four more mid-season replacements (Scandal, Touch, Bob's Burgers, Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23) were renewed.

This year, there are 19 new shows.  I think there's room for fewer new shows because there are more two-hour reality competition shows with one-hour results shows.  Even if The X Factor is underperforming, it's still one of the highest-rated shows on Fox.

Let's assume seven of these new shows get renewed.  I'm going to guess The Mindy Project, Elementary, Nashville, 666 Park Avenue, Arrow, Vegas and Go On.

New shows in Bold.


Dancing with the Stars

How I Met Your Mother
2 Broke Girls
Mike & Molly
Hawaii Five-0

The Voice

The Mob Doctor

Gossip Girl

New Shows:
PARTNERS - David Krumholtz (Numb3rs) returns to CBS for this comedy about two longtime friends and business partners where one of them (Ugly Betty's Michael Urie) is gay, and their relationships sometimes intrude on their work.  Brandon Routh (Superman Lives) plays Urie's partner while Sophia Bush plays Krumholtz's girlfriend.

REVOLUTION - Civilization is in tatters fifteen years after all forms of power cease to work.  Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) plays the main villain, and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, V) and Billy Burke (Twilight) are among the adults fighting for survival.

THE MOB DOCTOR - Jordana Spiro (My Boys) is a legitimate doctor with colleagues like Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights) and Zjelko Ivanek (The Event), but she also secretly must help the mafia when they call.

Partners has a plum position and appealing cast, but reviews have thus far been uninspiring.  Then again, it could grow into it.  Unless it's downright disastrous, I see it having Yes Dear success.  Revolution could be the geek serial NBC's been looking for ever since Heroes jumped the shark, but Castle and Hawaii Five-0 are proven in their timeslots.  Meanwhile I've heard The Mob Doctor is bad, and so I don't give it much of a chance to last.  I actually don't think any will get a second season, but I'll put Revolution on the bubble just because it looks intriguing.


Dancing with the Stars results
Happy Endings
Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23
Private Practice


The Voice results
Go On
The New Normal

Raising Hope
Ben & Kate
New Girl
The Mindy Project

Hart of Dixie
Emily Owens MD

New Shows:
VEGAS - Based on the true story of the Las Vegas sheriff who did his best to keep his city safe while mobsters ramped up their influence.  The timing's right for Dennis Quaid to try TV, and it'll be nice to see Michael Chiklis (The Shield) play a less-than-savory character again.

GO ON - Matthew Perry is a sports-radio host whose life is turned upside-down after his wife dies. This is a comedy about group grief therapy sessions.

THE NEW NORMAL - Gay couple decides to go the surrogate mother route to have their first child.

BEN & KATE - Carefree brother helps single sister raise her daughter.

THE MINDY PROJECT - Mindy Kaling (The Office) gets her own show as an ob-gyn with a shaky dating life.

EMILY OWENS MD - Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter) gets her own medical show.

I expect a bloodbath for the second hour.  Dancing with the Stars and the NCIS franchise skew older, but they get the total ratings.  Raising Hope was on life-support anyway, so I don't see ben & Kate benifitting from following it.  New Girl however is a legit 18-49 hit, and The Mindy Project should success behind it.

I don't see Go On and The New Normal doing as well as NBC needs them to, but I can see both surviving just because so many of their other sitcoms are on their last year, with Go On more likely to survive than New Normal.

Vegas is getting prime real estate Tuesdays at 10/9 so it should do well.


The Middle
The Neighbors
Modern Family

Criminal Minds

Animal Practice
Guys with Kids
Law & Order: SVU
Chicago Fire

The X-Factor


New Shows:

THE NEIGHBORS - A couple (Jami Gertz, Lenny Venito) moves into a new neighborhood and learns that everyone there are actually undercover aliens.

NASHVILLE - Sopay drama about a country star (Connie Britton) trying to keep her career afloat while an up-and-comer (Hayden Panetierre) looks to pass her up.

ANIMAL PRACTICE - Weeds vet Justin Kirk heads an animal hospital. A huge animal hospital I might add.

GUYS WITH KIDS - Three guy friends have kids.  See my review.

CHICAGO FIRE - It's about firemen.

ARROW - Green Arrow: the TV show.


Animal Practice is a terrible show, and it and Guys with Kids will be cancelled quickly.  The Neighbors seems too silly a show to plant between The Middle and Modern Family, but otherwise, ABC seems to have its Wednesday block figured out. I've heard Nashville's great.  I expect Chicago Fire to go the way of Mercy.


Last Resort
Grey's Anatomy

The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
Person of Interest

30 Rock
Up All Night
The Office
Parks & Recreation
Rock Center with Brian Williams

The X-Factor results

The Vampire Diaries
Beauty & the Beast

New Shows:

LAST RESORT - Perhaps the biggest question mark for me. Andre Braugher stars as the captain of a nuclear submarine who ignores orders from above to nuke Pakistan.  He and his 160 crew members start their own little country on an island.  I like the idea of this thriller.

ELEMENTARY - Jonny Lee Miller is a modern-day Sherlock, and Lucy Liu is his really modern Dr. Watson.

BEAUTY & THE BEAST - The "Beast" is a hunk with a facial scar, so...


NBC seems to have given up on getting ratings with Rock Center.  30 Rock, The Office and Parks & Rec are all in their final years.  Beauty & the Beast is getting bad reviews, but Vampire Diaries is a good lead-in, so it could survive that.  Elementary seems like the surest bet of the fall.


Shark Tank
Primetime: What Would You Do?

Made in Jersey
Blue Bloods

Dateline NBC


America's Next Top Model

New Shows:

MADE IN JERSEY - A street-smart Jersey lawyer is the square peg at her uptight New York law firm.


Not a lot of ratings pressure on Made in Jersey.  Reviews are meh, but it fits in to CBS's brand.


Once Upon a Time
666 Park Avenue

The Amazing Race
The Good Wife
The Mentalist

Sunday Night Football

The Simpsons
Bob's Burgers
Family Guy
American Dad

New Shows:

666 PARK AVENUE - Terry O'Quinn finally gets his post-Lost TV show, teaming with Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) as a sinister couple in charge of a supernatural hotel.


Good reviews. I think it'll succeed.  Its weakness could be Revenge as a lead-in. How many viewers will follow it to Sunday?

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connan said...

“Vegas” seems like a new version of “Texas Ranger”, so I’m not too interested in seeing that show. “The Mob Doctor” sounds like it could hold me interest for a season. Jordana Spiro debt to the mob because of her idiot brother having a gambling problem puts her in life and death situations all the time. I just hope it’s not about her offing one of her patients every time the mob call’s her because it won’t last anther season with that plot. Since there are lots prime time TV shows me and the wife want to see, I decided to get us the Hopper so that can. I work for DISH and I can tell you that the Hopper has a Primetime Anytime feature will automatically record all prime time shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC everyday in HD. The Hopper has a 2 terabyte hard drive and has a separate storage space for these recordings. The PTAT recordings stay on the DVR for eight days, and you can record up to 2,000 shows (that are not PTAT shows) on the DVR.