Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Emmys "Can't Complain" List

BEST DRAMA SERIES - Can't complain about Homeland winning, but last year's Breaking Bad was the best season of one of the all-time great dramas.

BEST DRAMA ACTOR - Can't complain about Damien Lewis's win, but I can't believe Kelsey Grammer wasn't even nominated for his work on Boss.

BEST DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR - Can't complain about Aaron Paul winning, but wow, Giancarlo Esposito's Gustavo Fring is one of the best TV villains in history.  History, I say!

BEST DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Can't complain about Maggie Smith winning anything, ever, though doesn't it seem like she's the comic relief?  Anyway, I'd like to see Christina Hendricks get recognition for her work as Mad Men's Joan. She gets better every year.

BEST COMEDY SERIES - Can't complain about Modern Family winning, but The Big Bang Theory should have won by now.  Also, Parks & Recreation wasn't even nominated?

BEST COMEDY ACTOR - I can complain that Ed O'Neill doesn't submit himself for Best Actor for Modern Family.  He'd win.  I can complain about Jon Cryer winning.  I mean if they're going to spread the wealth (i.e. someone besides Jim Parsons or Alec Baldwin winning it), why not Louis C.K.?

(Trivia: RIcky Gervais won for BBC's The Office, but Steve Carell never won for NBC's The Office.)

BEST COMEDY ACTRESS - Can't complain about Julia Louis-Dreyfus winning, but I keep hoping Amy Poehler will get one for Parks & Rec.

BEST COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTOR - I can complain that Eric Stonestreet won simply because I think one of the other Mod-Fam guys should have won this year among the nominees. But it's a crime that Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson wasn't even nominated.

BEST COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Can't complain about Julie Bowen winning, though her acceptance speech made me go "oh, it really is the writers and directors that make her funny." I was actually pulling for Big Bang's Mayim Bialik.


Can't complain about Costner and Berenger winning acting awards for Hatfields & McCoys, but the only award I thought Game Change deserved was for Woody Harrelson, and he didn't win it.  But he didn't attend in person, so forget him. Costner Power!

I'd like to see Saturday Night Live win it once, just to break up the Daily Show monotony.

I'd also like to see Phil Koeghan win for Best Host just once.

Glad The Good Wife wasn't shut out, even if it was just for Best Guest Star (Martha Plimpton).

Very surprised Mad Men was shut out.  Not as surprised Game of Thrones was shut out, but it would have been cool for it to get something.

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