Friday, September 14, 2012

NBC's Guys with Kids - TV Review

Anthony Anderson (NBC's Law & Order), Jesse Bradford (Swimfan), and Zach Cregger (IFC's The Whitest Kids U Know) star as three friends with babies who cart them around in those front-backpack things.  Tempestt Bledsoe (NBC's The Cosby Show), Erinn Hayes (The Watch), and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (HBO's The Sopranos) are the mothers, with one a workaholic, one a shrew-ish ex, and the other is... played by Sigler and I'm waiting to see what her character is.

It's a laugh-track sitcom, and of the three guys I liked Cregger the most.  Bradford and Hayes play a divorced couple, and he was so henpecked, and she was so selfish that I couldn't stand either.  Bledsoe and Sigler... who knows.  You know what you're getting with Anderson (though I personally prefer him in dramas).

It won't make my reviewing rotation.

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