Tuesday, July 15, 2008

24: Season 3

First season was riveting. Second season was great, even if the central premise, that a vice-president and a cabinet would move so quickly to try to secretly impeach a president, was flawed. Season 3 took some cakes. The first eight hours got thrown out the window by a plot twist that felt more like a lazy writers' device. The next six hours got thrown away again as the main villains got killed and turned out to not be the main villains. No it's really an evil British guy, and he made Pres. Palmer compromise in ways that seemed out of character for him. Palmer's always surrounding himself with wolves and devils that betray him, and hey, they're often family. His ex-wife, his brother, his VP, his trusted advisor Mike in Season 2, so many people are around him to give him bad advice and stab him in the back. My wife and I have come away from this loving Chloe and not too sure if we want to dip into Season 4 too soon. Does it get progressively worse each season?

(It bothers me that Wayne Palmer eventually becomes president. How could such a weak guy rise in the ranks?)

I do love the convenience of TV on DVD, even if I'm a few years behind.

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