Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Brother 10 - A Comedy Classic

Tuesday night's episode featured probably the most painfully funny episode in the entire series' history. It would make Ricky Gervais proud.

For those not watching, the alliances have been made. You have Jesse, Memphis and Michelle, the Dwindling Team, as they've lost power two weeks in a row, they lost Angie last week, and this week they will lose either Jesse or Memphis. You have Power Team, made up of Keesha, Libra, April & Ollie, where April is Head of Household and was the one who put Jesse & Memphis up for eviction. Then you have the Floaters, Dan, Jerry & Renny.

This was the day of the Veto competition. Those competing were April, Libra, Jerry, Jesse, Memphis and Michelle. April and her team were discussing the competition, and April was dismissive of Libra, saying she felt like it was all on her. Libra left, offended, and Keesha went after her, and they vented about April. Jesse overheard and told April.

Big giant screaming match throughout the house.

Did I mention it's Keesha's birthday? They had a cake ready for her, and those not in the argument were just trying to gather everyone together to sing "Happy Birthday." Lots of walking back and forth and screaming with Libra, April, Keesha and Jesse. And then awkward silence. And then an unenthused house rendition of "Happy Birthday" that sounds like a broken accordion. More awkward silence, with Keesha giving a strained smile, clearly getting the sardonic nature of the moment. And then back to screaming.


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