Monday, April 6, 2009

Survivor: Tocatins predictions

They didn't have much of a choice, but I like that Taj and Stephen brought in JT as their fifth wheel. I think Brendan and Sierra need to secure their own fifth wheel (I nominate Erinn, because she'd be on board with any alliance that'd dump Coach sooner than later).

Jeff Probst said this season has some epic blindsides, but if I was a predicting sort, I'd guess at the merge, they vote out Joe. Then Brendan and company decide to get rid of Coach. Tyson freaks out and tries to rally the troops against the Secret Alliance, but fails and is voted out. But now some wheels are turning and JT says he needs the idol. Taj doesn't give it to him, he's angry, but Taj is the one voted out, with JT deciding she has too much power.

The Alliance is split, and JT goes next. Stephen is latching on to anyone and he manages to get a blindside against Brendan, who is seen as too powerful by now by Erinn and Debbie. Sierra feels on the outs and tries to get a girl thing going, and Stephen, the last man standing, points out Debbie hasn't done much all game, but hey, that makes her easy to beat, so Stephen goes. Down to Erinn, Sierra and Debbie, if it's the final three, and if there's one more, they probably vote out Sierra because she was in that original powerful alliance. She's not in a power spot right now, but I can see Erinn winning this whole thing.

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