Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Killshot - DVD Review

KILLSHOT (***) - Starring Diane Lane, Mickey Rourke, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Lois Smith and Hal Holbrook.
Directed by John Madden.

It's a freakin' crime this movie couldn't get play in more than a handful of Arizona theaters before being dumped on DVD. Not to overhype it (because it's not that good), but it is good, good enough that it should've been able to garner a wide release. Academy-Award directing nominee John Madden. Academy-Award acting nominee Mickey Rourke. Diane Lane. Thomas Jane. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Why no love?

Oh, it's a Weinstein release. The brothers have really lost their distribution touch since they left Miramax.

Based on one of my favorite Elmore Leonard novels, it's about a couple on the outs who have to go into federal protection after the woman gets the good look at the face of an assassin. The movie has a little more seriousness to it than the book, but the main four fully-realized characters have good actors to complement them, notably Mickey Rourke as the calm professional hitman. (Seriouly, they had The Wrestler hype and still couldn't figure out how to market this?)

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