Monday, January 18, 2010

Globes Morning After

The Globes are sometimes referred to as a precursor for the Oscars, but the Globes also tend to do things a little more loopy, more populist, than the Globes might dare. The Globes love rewarding movie stars, hence Robert Downey Jr.'s win for Sherlock Holmes. (Plus Downey is always reliable for a good speech. "I'm not going to thank Warner Bros. They needed me.") Sandra Bullock's win seems to be of that persuasion too, but Julia Roberts did win her li'l golden man for doing the same type of tough-talking Southern-woman thing in Erin Brockovich.

I still think the Academy is going to reward Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker. Avatar is making tons of money for everyone, but James Cameron is already King of the World. I also found it interesting the Globes rewarded Up in the Air for writing over Quentin Tarantino, but it seems like QT's reward is casting Christoph Waltz. Best Supporting Actor remains his to lose, so as long as he doesn't give an interview dissing a bunch of people (Burt Reynolds) or play an obese woman in an unfunny comedy opening in February (Eddie Murphy) or agree to appear at Wrestlemania (Mickey Rourke), he should get his trophy.

Mo'Nique is still on course to win for Precious, even though there's been grumblings about her no-showing to some other awards. It came and went in theaters around here; barring a rerelease, I probably won't get to it until DVD.

On to television. Happy for all the winners, except I think they need to stop giving Alec Baldwin every award under the sun for 30 Rock. Between the Globes, SAG, the Emmys, seems like he's won about ten times now for playing Jack Donaghy. I missed Michael C. Hall's speech but I'm glad he and John Lithgow won for their cat-and-mouse season of Dexter.

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