Thursday, June 16, 2011

TNT's Franklin & Bash - TV Review

Remember the Jim Belushi-Jerry O'Connell series The Defenders? This is a younger, more obnoxious version of that show.

The two leads should be likeable enough. There's TV guy Mark-Paul Gosselar of Saved By the Bell / NYPD Blue fame. There's movie guy Breckin Meyer of Clueless / Rat Race fame. But these are two cool cats who don't play by the rules, who use and abuse the legal system to exploit people and companies, twist the laws around for a quick buck, who can kick back and play guitar while tossing around ideas....


If these guys were real, I'd say, "Guys like these are what's ruining America." In fact I've noticed that about a lot of lawyer shows, especially the light-hearted ones. Delightful scamps like these are why we have 100,000 laws on the books, each to protect us from the dumb one that got exploited/twisted/abused before it.

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