Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starz's Boss - TV Review

I'd moved Boss down the viewing list so I just saw the last two episodes this week. Wow. Now I really get why Kelsey Grammer won the Golden Globe. His Tom Kane jumped from bad-guy protagonist to truly ruthless monster. Looking forward to seeing the fallout in Season 2.

For those who missed it (99.9% of you), Kane is the mayor of Chicago.  His behind-the-scenes corruption is worse than anything Brotherhood's Tommy would have dreamed of.  Kane is looking to push out the current governor, a long-time ally, in favor of an up-and-comer he can more easily manipulate.  Meanwhile he discovers he has a degenerative brain disorder.  He's cold and unfaithful to his wife (Connie Nielsen), but he's trying to reconnect with his disowned daughter, a former drug addict turned priest.

The first few episodes has this good-not-great vibe to them, akin to AMC's The Killing.  But then as the primary drew nearer, the action ramps up, the betrayals mount, and Kane would give the Lannisters chills for how far he's willing to go to preserve his power.

I'm sure it'll be on DVD or Netflix in a few months.

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