Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain - DVD Review

Starring Kevin Hart. Directed by Leslie Small.


Dude, we don't need some narrative prologue. We know we're watching a concert movie. But my guess is he didn't have an 75-minute set. He had a 55-minute set so we get some extra stuff to pad out the time to 74 minutes so it can be called a movie. After he establishes that his concerts sell out all over the world, and that his fans all over the world think he's amazing, he finally settles into what we think we came to see - his concert at Madison Square Garden.

Hart as a stand-up comedian has an undeniable energy, even if his material's hit or miss. He's at his best when he's trying to explain the different ways he tried to avoid getting caught cheating on his now ex-wife, and there's also a good story in there where he went horseback riding. Fans will like it; haters will not be converted.

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