Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer's Box Office so far

So, how's the summer playing out so far?

My predictions, like every year, have some right on course and some completely off. Indy Jones 4 still looks like it'll come out as the top-grossing movie of the summer, with Iron Man close behind, both crawling across the $300 million line. I thought Narnia would do better, but's it's going to end up around $150 million. (I predict Dawn Treader's marketing in 2010 focusses more on fantasy and wonder, and less on battle scenes.) I didn't see Speed Racer bombing as bad as it did, but I should trust my instincts (do I want to see it? Sure, on DVD). What Happens in Vegas benefitted and should be able to stay in the Top 20 with it teasing the $60 million mark (a needed hit for both Diaz and Kutcher).

This weekend, Sex & the City is tracking well. It won't win the weekend against Indy, but it'll do respectable business and may even outdo WHIV. The Strangers will probably get $5-6 million-ish and fade quickly. Why did Liv Tyler's movie get a wide release but Funny Games with Naomi Watts got nothing? Same plot, bigger star. Oh well.

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