Friday, March 6, 2009

Quarantine - DVD Review

QUARANTINE (**1/2) - Starring Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Steve Harris, Rade Sherbedzija, and Greg Germann.
Directed by John Erick Dowdle.

It's The Blair Witch Project meets Cloverfield meets 28 Days Later. It's not as nauseating as Cloverfield but it's not as inventive, and when you've seen one flesh-eating zombie, you've seen them all.

Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter (great screamer) is a journalist doing a profile piece on firefighters when they get a call to a building. She and her cameraman, along with the firefighters, get quarantined in the building, though they don't know why, but soon enough they start getting attacked by residents trying to bite into them. We only see and learn what they see and learn, and the explanation is brief and nicely done.

I'm glad they had the camera be held by a professional, as Cloverfield focussed on shaky-cam so much I had to look away from the screen at one point to fight back motion sickness.

Pet peeve though, the last three seconds of the movie were in the freakin' trailer. I wondered the whole movie when that scene was coming, and the answer was "Right before the closing credits."

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