Friday, September 16, 2011

CW's H8R - TV Review

This TMZ-esque show lured regular people in who thought they were auditioning for a reality show. The producers questioned them to find out if there were celebrities they hated. Then they confront the actual celebrities. First episode focussed on Jersey Shore's Snooki and The Bachelor's Jake. So not really celebrities. Reality-show stars. It rattled off future celebs that'll be on: Charles Barkley, Ron Artest, The Miz, Kim Kardashian, and two or three other people I'd never heard of. I assume they're reality-show folks.

Snooki managed to win over her hater. She had a meal at his family's house. Jake failed to win over his. He took her on a helicopter ride and to the Bachelor house, but she kept insisting he's still conceited and fake and full of himself.

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