Friday, April 20, 2012

Starz's Magic City - TV Review

Showtime has done a good job establishing itself as the other HBO with hit series like Dexter, and Starz is trying to do the same.  Spartacus and Boss are semi-successful, and now we have Magic City, which plays like a hybrid of Mad Men and The Sopranos, but it's nowhere near as interesting as that description would suggest.

I watched the first episode, and while Danny Huston's mobster character was a highlight, the whole thing was too slow and assured in its "quality TV" sheen that it never really became interesting.  Also, when a show starts with a really cheap green-screen effect, I have a hard time getting invested.

I deleted the second episode off my DVR.  I'll watch season 2 of Boss, but that's the only Starz series I can say that about.

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