Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NBC's Stars Earn Stripes - TV Review

The latest network reality show has a hook I enjoy.  These "celebrities" will be training with real servicemen (a Marine, a Navy SEAL, a Delta Force guy, a SWAT team sniper, etc.) to go through different exercises and missions.  It was like a cross between Celebrity Boot Camp and Top Shot.

General Wesley Clark hosted (along with ex-Dancing with the Stars host Samantha Harris), and the show had an aura of respect throughout.  Respect for the trainers, respect for those who sacrifice to serve their country in various ways.

It's interesting to see who excels and who falters.  I figured Todd Palin ("4-time Iron Dog champion" is the reason given for his celeb status) would be good with anything gun-related, but who knew The Expendables' Terry Crews would sink in the swimming portion of the competition?

For what it is, it's decent, and I'm glad it beat ABC's Bachelor Pad, that hive of scum and villainy, in the ratings.

P.S. Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, some of the former contestants from that show are on this show, like Laila Ali and Nick Lachey.  Did Dean Cain ever do it? Well, he's here too.

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