Friday, January 18, 2013

Jeff Who Lives at Home - DVD Review

Starring Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Judy Greer, Susan Sarandon and Rae Dawn Chong.  Directed by Jay & Mark Duplass.


The Duplass brothers have made a nice living dominating the Mumblecore genre, and now they've finally made a movie I could recommend.  It centers on Jeff (Jason Segel), a 30-year-old slacker who lives at home, but he's seeking meaning in life through random signs.  The movie isn't as profound as Jeff thinks his life is, but I liked the chain of events spawned from Jeff following whatever he thinks Fate wants him to do.

It also focuses on his older brother (Ed Helms) trying to save his marriage, and his mother (Susan Sarandon) who discovers she has a secret admirer at work.  It makes for a pleasant 85 minutes.

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