Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random TV Stuff - 7/25/13

MOTIVE (ABC) - Kristin Lehman (The Killing) and Luis Ferreira (SGU: Stargate Universe) play two cops who investigate homicides.  The twist to this Law & Order-type procedural is we know who the killer is early, and we watch as the cops try to solve the crime.  But so as to not confuse it with L&O, it's filmed in this gritty yellow sheen. Reminded me of the failed Victor Garber drama called Justice.  It's not a bad watch-it-once procedural I guess, but also like L&O, the cops aren't really characters so much as stand-ins to spout the facts, and since there's no mystery whodunnit... what's the point?


BIG BROTHER (CBS) - The twist this year was that America would be able to vote for an MVP each week who would then pick a third houseguest to nominate for eviction each week.  But one of the HGs this year is Elissa, sister of previous winner Rachel Reilly.  So each week, Elissa wins the MVP vote.  To mix it up, this week "America" was MVP and texters got to vote for who they want to see nominated.  Now because Aaryn was already nominated, I'm assuming second place was America's pick and it was... Elissa.

It created some interesting drama by BB not telling the HG's the twist that America picked.  Since Elissa always confided to most of the house she was MVP each week, now the hamsters got paranoid.  Some even theorized Elissa put herself up to throw off suspicion.  Elissa won the PoV and saved herself, so GinaMarie took her spot, and now the three Mean Girls are all nominated. Kaitlyn, the Kristen Stewart doppleganger, is the nicest of the three Mean Girls so they get rid of her because she's the biggest "threat."  Aaryn's the most despised, so she may stay for a long time.


THE KILLING (AMC) - I hope the reason Peter Sarsgaard wasn't nominated for an Emmy was because this season isn't actually eligible for nominations until next year.  His work as a death-row inmate who's likely innocent has been incredible.  Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman still have their chemistry as Lindon and Holder, two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year.  The third season's been the best for this show, by far.

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