Saturday, December 7, 2013

Identity Thief - DVD Review

Starring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet, Robert Patrick, Jon Favreau, Morris Chestnut and John Cho. Directed by Seth Gordon.


The star and director of Horrible Bosses reunite for a movie that's no where near as funny, talented as though the cast may be. I don't know what they were thinking with this one.

It spends the first half establishing that Julia (McCarthy) is one of the least likable characters ever, an identity thief who destroys people's credit without conscience, overindulging on everything.  When normal guy Sandy Patterson (Bateman, doing his usual stressed-out straight-man routine) becomes her latest victim, he drives down to Florida to retrieve her and bring her back to Colorado, where she can get his credit restored instantly instead of him having to wait several months.

Between the contrived situations they find themselves in, the movie tries to have a heart and make this more of a Planes Trains & Automobiles type movie. It's too jarring a shift and too wimpy an ending.

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