Thursday, September 8, 2016

CBS's Big Brother 18 - TV Review

This has been one of the lamer seasons in recent memory.

1. The cast skews too young - The original vision of the show was to have people from all walks of life living under one roof. The median age of the cast has been going down steadily, which means you're lucky to have more than two people over 30. This means the show is more concerned about showmances than engaging personalities. It also means they think Millennials will watch more if there's less variety in age.

2. Too many empty pretty people - Corey may have a nice body, I've been told, but the guy has no personality. He is boring boring boring. Then you have Paulie, who got in based on his brother's gameplay, but he wound up proving to be a misogynist bro. Every show needs a villain, but my goodness. As for the women, the ones with the most interesting personalities (Davonne, Bridgette) are out, although Natalie's the best of the remaining.

3. Too much diary room; not enough juicy footage - The show relies more and more on houseguests summarizing what happened in the diary room, rather than just showing us. BB17's Johnny Mac used this to his advantage, displaying a far different personality in the DR than outside. This time around? Ehhh, I'd say the best at it is Paul. But most of the HGs, I do not want to hear them gived coached summaries of what happened.

4. Too many opportunities to return - Victor won his way back into the house TWICE. There should only be one time someone can win their way back in, if there's an opportunity at all.

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