Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol - The guys

How did the men do?

1. David Archuleta - His "Another Day in Paradise" was heartfelt and well-sung. His only weakness was that "Imagine" was better, and it would have been near-impossible for him to top it.
2. David Cook - The guitar was a little loud, but I like what he did with Lionel Richie's "Hello."
3. Jason - He doesn't have the strongest voice, but neither do many successful recordings artists. He has the charm to sell any song.
4. Michael - The whole time he was singing Simple Minds, I was wishing he'd sing INXS.
5. Chikezie - I thought Simon was too hard on him. It's probably the best he's done since he made the top 24.
6. David Hernandez - He sang it okay, but I don't think the dude should be tackling Celine Dion tunes, even if it's originally Meat Loaf's.
7. Danny - I cringed through the whole "Tainted Love" song.
8. Luke - Worst song choice of the night, covering Wham!, and the weakest vocal of the night. So... no real point to him staying, is there?

So Danny and Luke should go, but I can see David H. sliding to the bottom two if too many fans heard about his past as a male stripper. Actually Danny's "Tainted Love" was so campy, and since is behind him, I'm guessing Chikezie joins Luke in leaving.

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