Monday, March 17, 2008

Barack Obama and the Rev. Wright

It should be no surprise that Barack Obama's religion is coming under such scrutiny now. After all, Mike Huckabee helped throw Mitt Romney under the bus pretty early over his religion, and Team Clinton has tried everything else to derail Obama to no effect.

Obama's excuse, though, doesn't hold water. He described Rev. Jeremiah Wright as the "crazy uncle" in the family at one point. Now he's condemning Wright's comments after 9/11, how it isn't "God Bless America" it's "God Damn America" for all her sins. There've been several fiery clips from his sermons that are going all over YouTube, comparing Barack to Jesus, saying Hillary Clinton's never been called the n-word and so forth. he says he wasn't aware of them, or he was present when those comments were made. He's been going to that church for twenty years, every week. Wright married Barack and Michelle. On one hand, he chose to associate with this "crazy uncle" and made him his chief spiritual advisor for the past 20 years. On the other hand, now that it's politically damaging, he's throwing him under the bus.

Part of the hope Obama brings to America is to get us to a post-racial America, where we truly are color-blind and united. The Wright story has enough controversy behind it that it could tint that hope. Do I think it'll be damaging enough that he loses the election? No. Barring some shady Hillary deals with superdelegates, Barack should still get the Democratic nomination, and I think no matter how the fall debates go, voters will look at the young, fresh barack, and the 70-something-year-old John McCain, and Barack will win 52%-47%.

I watched Nita Lowery be pro-Hillary and Bill Bradley be pro-Barack on Meet the Press yesterday. I can't help but think Nita wants Hillary to win so she can get her Senate seat, the one she should have won herself in 2000 before the DNC asked her to step aside so Hillary could take it.

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