Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Brother 11 Power Rankings

1. Jesse - The muscle-headed idiot from Season 10 is playing a little smarter this time around, though he's not about to let Russell go soon, as he knows the longer Russ is in, the longer he's in. His ego's still there, but he's a lot better about hiding it this time around.

2. Casey - The "hip-hop" teacher, and the oldest guy in the house, is playing it smart. I see him and Jesse facing off in a few weeks, but meanwhile Jesse's going to try to get out the last of the Populars while Casey works on getting out Chima.

3. Natalie - She's hot-headed at times, cool at other times, like a good athlete. She's willing to give up on Jeff but sees that Russell is hurting her team, and the way she's going she could easily be the last Athlete standing.

4. Jeff - He won the PoV when he needed to, and half the house loves him. And his main enemies CAN'T put him up for eviction.

5. Michelle - She's flying under the radar right now and will be able to continue to do so for a while. I'd be shocked if she wasn't the last Brain standing.

6. Kevin - Kinda weak right now. He'll get far by staying in Lydia's shadow, in that he'll always be safe as long as she's there, because anyone who wants him out wants her out more.

7. Lydia - She's proven to be a fighter, and with her blow-up with Russell, it looks like she'll be able to play both sides for a bit.

8. Jordan - If she survives tonight's vote, this blonde'll be considered one of the weakest players in the house, and therefore could almost guarantee at least another month of survival.

9. Ronnie - The "rat" is proving true to what many players before him have done, at least the ones who think they're smart. He overthinks everything, started playing both sides before there were any clear dividing lines, and he doesn't have the charm of, say, Dr. Will or BB10's Dan to win back sympathy.

10. Chima - Her diva attitude won't get her far.

11. Russell - The house bully has everyone on edge. I don't see him making it to the jury.

12. Laura - She's smarter than her enhancement surgery would suggest, but methinks she won't be able to survive tonight's vote.

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