Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Unborn - DVD Review

THE UNBORN (*1/2) - Starring Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Cam Gigandet, Jane Alexander and Idris Elba.
Directed by David S. Goyer.

A more accurate title might have been Beware the Dibble, but how scary would that be.

I can see why class actors like Gary Oldman and Idris Elba would be involved. Whatever they were paid, I'm sure their scenes only took about a week to film. So if Oldman's Dark Knight screeenwriter buddy David Goyer said "I have this part, it'll take you six days to film your stuff, here's a million bucks, will you do it?" Gary was probably like "Sure." And Elba, between filming Obsessed and his stint on The Office, probably thought "Hm, four days of filming and I get $200,000 and all my scenes are with Gary Oldman" well, who wouldn't jump at that?

Does it matter if the movie sucked? Off-screen to all involved, probably not. Those who paid to see it might have a different opinion. As I just pay my monthly Blockbuster Online thing, I still found this movie to be pretty lame, in that the scares aren't scary and the name of the ghost-monster is a Dibble. Maybe I wasn't hearing it right, maybe it's diblet or a dibbert, but I don't care enough to look it up.

Good paycheck movie, Gary. Now pick a project or two worth seeing.

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