Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cameron Diaz in Green Hornet?

Cameron Diaz is a star who has made it this far without being in a superhero movie, so why would she make this movie the one she joins? With Seth Rogen in the lead, even though he insists it will be emphasizing action more than comedy, just how seriously is it going to take itself? With it have its own sense of humor, like Iron Man, or will it eat its own tail, like the Schumacher Batmans? And with Stephen Chow out, who's going to be Kato? Perhaps Tony Jaa? Maybe she's worried about her star power slipping, what with her recent resume being comprised of respectable, low-grossing fare like My Sister's Keeper. She wants her paychecks before she turns 40, which is a whole different age for actresses than it is for actors. Just ask Madeleine Stowe, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Rene Russo, Elisabeth Shue, Helen Hunt, Holly Hunter, Elizabeth Perkins, etc., etc.

I wonder if it's just a matter of time before Helen Hunt is starring in a new series for TNT or Showtime.

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