Friday, June 18, 2010

100 Questions - TV Review

If it were any other season than summer, I wouldn't have given this series a second chance, but it is, and I did, and it's not bad. All indications are that it's going to cancelled once NBC's burned off the episodes, seeing as how creator/co-star Christopher Moynihan is already making deals at ABC.

It stars Sophie Winkleman as a single woman, age 30-ish, at a matchmaking service, but they have 100 questions for her personality profile. Each question inspires another episode. The bookend gimmick is like the first season or two of How I Met Your Mother, but it's essentially a Friends ripoff. There's better out there; there's worse. I was amused by the one episode where she dates a biker, played by Battlestar Galactica vet Michael Trucco.

Moynihan's the strongest cast member. Hopefully his next project will be an improvement.

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