Friday, May 13, 2011

ABC cancels V, Mr. Sunshine, more

Of the ABC shows that have been cancelled, V and Mr. Sunshine were the only ones I was watching, and I can't say I'm disappointed Mr. Sunshine was cancelled. I liked most of the cast but I didn't like most of the characters, and I question the wisdom of having Matthew Perry as a guy with no friends.

V, however, had a spectacular finale, one where a few good guys die and the aliens seem poised to crush the human rebellion reveal their true selves and conquer Earth. And now it's over? Well, if they ever want to bring it back for a mini-series on ABC Family, they have quite the starting point.

As to the others, I liked Detroit 187 but stopped watching when I saw the ratings. I watched the first three or four episodes of No Ordinary Family but that was more squarely aimed at tweens and teens. Only watched a couple episodes from Season 1 of Brothers & Sisters, and one episode of Off the Map.

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