Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TV Season Finales - Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation, The Mentalist

COMMUNITY - Loved the two-parter paintball tournament episode. I tend to love most episodes, but more so when they get into deep meta parody mode. Part 1 was a spaghetti western send-up; Part 2 went with Star Wars. So many gems in there, from Abed insisting on being the Han Solo type before Jeff takes it "by default" to Pierce faking heart attacks to trick opponents into not shooting him.

THE OFFICE - I enjoyed the hour-long parade of candidates for manager, but some I liked more than others, and I didn't like the cliffhanger ending. The rumor is that Catherine Tate is going to get the job. I think that would be a huge mistake. If they're not going to promote from in-house. Her character was irritating, and while Jim was anti-Dwight, there's no way he'd let that be the candidate he goes with. My hope (if it's not in-house) is that it goes to the mesmorizing James Spader. If it goes to Tate, eh, I'll still watch, but it feels like the Office is revving up the motorcycle, wearing the leather jacket, and the shark is swimming around in the cage.

PARKS AND RECREATION - Ron Swanson is one of the best characters on television. I thought the penultimate episode was better than the finale (with Ron in the circular desk), but this show is comfortably one of the best comedies on TV.

THE MENTALIST - Loved the reveal of Red John. That scene was the best scene of the year for this show, which is already becoming predictable and stale in other aspects. I am looking forward to the repercussions of Patrick killing a man in cold blood in front of dozens of witnesses.

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