Thursday, November 3, 2011

CBS's Survivor - TV Review

Every season, one tribe never seems to learn the lesson. Keep your team happy. When you have clear division, you have to expect bottom-of-the-totem-pole members to flip. Cochran's been on the block the whole game; why wouldn't they expect him to flip?
I've been impressed with Coach's play this time around vs. Ozzy. Ozzy's cockiness will be his undoing; unless of course he just wins immunity the rest of the way. When the vote was revealed, and Jim called Cochran a coward, all that did cement to Coach's tribe that yeah, Cochran had been mistreated the whole time. I'm hoping now that it's happened, Cochran brings Dawn along.

Coach is in a pretty good position. I expect Jim, Ozzy and Whitney to be the next three to go, but I can also see Jim convincing some people to go ahead and get rid of Cochran since he can't be trusted.

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