Thursday, March 7, 2013

Zero Hour, Vikings, The Bible - TV Reviews

ABC's ZERO HOUR - Watched one episode, just to see what it was like, but the next day I learned it had already been cancelled.  ABC really screwed this one up.  Why put a show like this against Big Bang Theory and American Idol, in the same spot where FlashForward failed?  Anthony Edwards made his grand return to TV in this National Treasure/DaVinci Code type series where he's trying to solve a centuries-old mystery that involves Nazis and a treasure map, and that's in the first twenty minutes.

HIST's VIKINGS - The most promising aspect of this show is that it has Gabriel Byrne as an aging chief trying to keep his power.  The rest of it is fairly generic, striving to be a Scandinavian Game of Thrones where any schemes are announced out loud in front of everyone.  I'll record a second episode, but it needs to improve.

HIST's THE BIBLE - Straightforward sword-and-sandals take on the highlights of the Bible.  in the first hour we start with Noah, but he decides to tell the family the story of Genesis, at least all the chapters that lead up to him.  We see Adam rise from the dirt, Cain crush Abel's skull, bada bing, bada boom, Noah gets on dry land, and then we jump to Abraham and Lot.

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