Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Fan - DVD Review


Starring Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrgian and Michael Rapaport.
Directed by Robert Siegel.

This movie made me feel like a loser for having ever called into JT the Brick's radio show. (Only time I did was around 2003, and he disconnected me and made it sound like I was the one who hung up.) I came away resolved to never call into a smack-talk radio show again. I really can't even listen to Jim Rome anymore, he's become such a parody of himself. (And yet I watch Around the Horn; what's wrong with me?)

This movie is about a parking garage attendant with no life. Overweight, uneducated, single, living with Mom, dead-end job, but what he lives for is the New York Giants. He lives for going to the stadium every Sunday and watching the game in the parking lot, and then calling into a local smack-talk radio show. He lives a sad life. I'm sad to know there are people like this, but I know there are people like this.

His life changes for the worse when he spies his favorite Giants player, Quantrell Bishop, at a gas station. He and his friend decide to follow him so they can meet him. The end result is Bishop beats up the guy for being a stalker.

The positive take-away from this movie is the central performance of stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt. He embodies the character well, and I'm sure that last line he has in the climax will be played on the Giants jumbo-tron every year from now on.

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