Monday, July 5, 2010

Memphis Beat - TV Review

I'm enjoying the regional flavor cable dramas are offering. AMC's Breaking Bad has Bryan Cranston cook meth in New Mexico. HBO's Treme lets the canvas sprawl in Louisiana. FX's Justified has Timothy Olyphant exploring crime in Kentucky. Now Jason Lee investigates his own in Tennessee in TNT's Breaking Bad.

(I also enjoy FOX's The Good Guys, where they fight small crime in Dallas, Texas, but the ratings suggest that show isn't going to last much longer.)

Lee's a natural comedian, as evidenced by the amusing run of My Name Is Earl. Here, some of his acting ticks are more pronounced over an hour. He has a tendency to blink and do a quick eyebrow raise before he says something witty, and little nods and brow furrows when getting to the end of his sentences. Why did I notice these things? I think if Lee was a better actor, I wouldn't. His performance was better in Episode 2. Maybe he just needed some time to find his rhythms, get rid of his Earlisms.

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