Friday, August 26, 2011

ABC's Take the Money and Run - TV Review

I recorded an episode a month ago and just got around to watching it. It's a surprisingly addicting show. The premise is a duo has one hour to hide a briefcase containing $100,000. Then a pair of cops have 48 hours to find that briefcase. If they do, they get the money. The episode I saw, it was two brothers who hid the money, but one brother was weaker than the other, and he actually told the interrogators where they'd hid it about 30 hours in. It was jaw-dropping.

It's from Bertram van Munster, best known for producing The Amazing Race.

Talking of which, I tried watching Expedition Impossible, but it was way too much of an Amazing Race rip-off. Every time the host popped up, I'd think "I miss Phil Koeghan."

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