Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jumping the Broom - DVD Review


Starring Angela Bassett, Paula Patton, Laz Alonso, Loretta Devine, Meagan Good, Julie Bowen, Mike Epps, Tasha Smith and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Directed by Salim Akil.

This bland wedding-day movie never justifies its existence. Having cast members like Mike Epps hints it might be a comedy, and we know there are going to be some dramatic revelations, but it's so lightweight and inconsequential, I can't recommend it.

It centers around a rich girl marrying a middle-class guy, and so we get some class-warfare glares from rich matriarch Angela Bassett and working-mom Loretta Devine. There are several subplots with different members pairing off, and one big revelation that comes at the end of Act II that threatens to derail the marriage because all wedding-day movies have a big revelation at the end of Act II that threatens to derail the marriage.

I can't say it's funny, and the drama's not juicy either. It's a great cast in a greeting card of a movie.

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