Friday, May 4, 2012

NBC Thursday Sitcom Recaps - 5/3/12

COMMUNITY - After last week's brilliant Law & Order send-up, the Greendale 7 need to deal with the repercussions of the death of Alex "Starburns" Osbourne. But more importantly, they have to deal with Professor Kane resigning and their biology class getting cancelled. It wasn't as good as the L&O sendup, or Abed and Annie digging into virtual reality, but it was a solid entry thanks to the riot and Chang going the fascist route to control it.

30 ROCK - A "reality show" episode follwing around Tracy's wife Angie (Sherri Shepherd, a sneaky-good member of the recurring cast.) It skewered everything wrong with all those Bravo reality shows. Liz Lemon feuds with a baby, Kenneth feuds with a cord, and Jack has learned Avery is coming home from North Korea. It had its moments.

THE OFFICE - Best episode in a while. Mad genius that Robert California is, he decided during late night of drunkenness to close down one of the branches. Jim and Dwight, the top two salesmen who've hit their commission caps, are taking advantage of the new branchless clients by making sales for "Lloyd". Chris Bauer (True Blood) shows up as an angry Syracuse salesman who wants them to stop taking all the clients. I liked it when they recruited Toby to be Lloyd, how Jim & Dwight worked together to keep landing the big clients, and the energy Bauer brought in his role. (If his Sheriff Andy doesn't survive this summer's season of True Blood, he'd be a good addition to the Office next year.) I also liked the twist at the end that sets up nicely for Robert's departure and the possible directions next season could take.

PARKS & RECREATION - Brilliant! The campaign is winding down and there continue to be "gaffes" thanks to Pawnee's horribly biased press. I love Kathryn Hahn's ruthless campaign manager. Also loved Andy's codenames for everyone. "I am Eagle One. Ann is Been There Done That.  April is Currently Doing That.  Donna is Once In My Dreams. Chris is If I Had to Choose One. Ben... is Eagle Two."

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