Friday, September 21, 2012

My Own TV Cheers & Jeers

CHEERS - To Survivor, for keeping it fresh and having a fantastic debut.  I like that it brought back three guys who had left the game previously due to injury, and I like that it started off with three teams.  But most reality shows live and die by the cast, and they had some real characters this time around, not least of which was Zane, who seemed like he'd be a clever character, a tattooed Southerner who made alliances with everyone immediately.  But he thought by telling everyone they could vote him out, he thought they'd go against his "wishes" and keep him.  One of the silliest strategies ever.

JEERS - To The Newsroom.  I finally saw the last two episodes, and while the show has so much potential, it's in desperate need of someone to point out to Aaron Sorkin that his fantasy world doesn't represent objective journalism. It's full of grandstanding speechifying, a Sorkin signature, but it's a cheap trick to make Will McAvoy a Republican and have him dedicate the entire season to criticizing Republicans, only Republicans.  And that's the noble thing to do (cue the inspirational music).  It'd be nice if next season he gets an actual Republican somewhere in the writing room to let them know how he's making CurrentTV look bipartisan.

CHEERS - To NBC for sticking with quality shows even if the ratings aren't there.  Parks & Recreation and Community get one more season, even though if they'd had the same ratings on ABC or CBS, they'd be gone.

CHEERS - To Christopher Heyerdahl for his work as "The Swede" on AMC's Hell on Wheels.  The show itself hasn't lived up to its potential, but Heyerdahl's snakelike railroad worker spices up any scene he's in, whether trying to get the Irish brothers killed, or Iago-ing his way into making a preacher lose his mind.

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