Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Walking Dead "Home" - TV Review

I like where this episode ended up.  You have Andrea still in Woodbury, knowing that it's her people in the prison, but she's divided by her loyalty to the town and to her former lover, the Governor.  You have the prison crowd, led by Glenn today, arguing that they need to strike first and assassinate the Governor.  And you have Daryl finally deciding he'd rather head back to the prison, where Merle wants to or not.  That climactic shoot-out was nicely out of nowhere, complete with the van full of walkers released into the prison yard.

Axel was the last of the original prisoners, and his death was out of left-field.  Now the prison gang need Tyreese and his people to return, as they need more multi-episode guest-stars to zombie chow later in the season.

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