Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Walking Dead "Suicide King" - TV Review

Interested set of dilemmas for our players now that this show is back from its mid-season hiatus.

The Dixon Brothers are reunited and on the same page, but Daryl has a condition for going back to the prison fortress - "no him, no me."  Daryl knows his brother's a jerk. I can't remember if he knows exactly how far Merle and the Governor went with Maggie, but even then, Daryl's blood is blood.  "No him, no me." Had Carol been there when the decision was made, I don't think Daryl would've made it so easily.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is one of the coolest characters on TV. Reedus might never get nominated for it, but neither was Larry Hagman for his revisiting of J.R. Ewing or Nick Offerman for Ron Swanson. I love the older sister-younger brother dynamic that Carol and Daryl have.  No matter how hard Daryl wants to make himself, Carol's there to pat his chest and remind him he has a good heart.

Merle, meanwhile, is a dilemma. He has no reason to forgive Rick for handcuffing him to the top of the building, or to anyone else in the group for not coming back before he sawed his hand off. He may yet get a shot at redemption by being with Daryl, especially since the Governor's about to sink to some evil depths.

I like that Rick is still losing his mind.  After the phantom phone-calls, now he's seeing his wife appear in the rafters like she's been summoned by the Music of the Night.  With Daryl gone, Rick's the only alpha male left in the dwindling group, and he can't let himself let Tyreese and company join, which is a shame, because I get the feeling Adam and Ben are going to do something stupid and get one of the group members killed before they become zombie-chow.

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