Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Eye - Movie Review

THE EYE (**) - Starring Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, Parker Posey and Rachel Ticotin.

It's not a good film, it's not really a bad film, it's just another J-horror flick that doesn't provide any thrills or do much beyond sit there. Jessica Alba is pretty to look at, but her performance leans more toward Camilla Belle's bland turn in When A Stranger Calls than Naomi Watts in The Ring when it comes to pulling me into the character's plight.

Alba plays a woman blinded as a child who gets her sight back with a cornea transplant. Trouble is, she also sees ghosts with her new sight.

There are these dark creatures that represent death, and they're mean and scary regardless if the person is good or bad. Some faiths say angels will meet you; these guys are poorly-postured screechers.

Naturally there is a mystery tied to the original owner of her eyes, where Alba must learn the ghost's desire. I've noticed most ghost stories these days boil down to that. The ending's anti-climactic with the big reveal.

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