Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday results

McCain won nine states.
Romney won seven states.
Huckabee won five states.

Going deeper, McCain won the big states - California, Illinois, New York.
Romney won a lot of small states - Montana, North Dakota, Utah.
Huckabee only won southern states - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia.

Mac now has twice as many delegates as Romney, and while Huck is still in third and has no chance of winning the nomination, it's clear he could still win another southern state or two and will hand the nomination to McCain by staying in. In three states, Ron Paul beat Huckabee.

The Republican party is divided, and no matter who wins, they will not unite the party. Look at turnout. The Democrats doubled the turnout of Republicans last night. It doesn't matter who wins the GOP nomination; he will lose in November.

Clinton won eight states.
Obama won thirteen states.

Hillary won California and New York, so she still remains ahead in the delegate count, but Obama's coming on strong and I believe he will overtake her and win the Democratic nomination.

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