Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

I voted today for Ron Paul. Why? I like some of his ideas and I want him to come in second in Utah.

In Utah, to vote in the Republican primary, you have to be registered, or unaffiliated and then register that day. Same thing in the Democratic primary. If you are affiliated in one party and wanted to vote in the other primary, you have to change your affiliation 30 days prior to Super Tuesday. I learned this a few days ago and was disappointed, as I would have rather voted in the Democratic primary for Barack Obama.

While I was there, there were those who'd shown up that day who'd hoped to vote Democrat but could not due to previous party affiliation. There were more who showed up unaffiliated who switched to Republican so they could vote, and every one I overheard doing that was doing so to vote Mitt Romney.

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