Monday, February 4, 2008

Political Wackiness

Mike Huckabee tried floating the rumor that the reason Sean Hannity endorsed Mitt Romney might be because Bain Capital, Romney's former company, owns ClearChannel, which owns Sean Hannity's show. Except Bain doesn't currently own ClearChannel, and regardless, ClearChannel doesn't own Hannity's show. Just another passive-aggressive whisper-campaign conspiracy-lie from the Huckster.

I like what Mary Matalin said on Meet the Press. Huck has a mancrush on John McCain and is staying in to siphon votes from Romney so McCain can win. If McCain wins the GOP nomination and picks Huck as his VP, I don't think I could vote for him. I don't want a guy like Huck to be one heartbeat away from the presidency. There's something about Arkansas governors and the truth; they just don't get together much.


Michelle Obama is in Utah today campaigning for her husband Barack. She declined an interview on KSL radio, which was a mistake. Doug Wright is nice to every guest he has, regardless of their views. I saw a flash poll somewhere that had Utah as 60/40 for Hillary, which shocked me. of the people I know voting in the Democratic primary, I know very few looking to vote for Hillary. I called a few days ago to see if I could vote in the primary, but I had to have been a Democrat or independent seven days before Feb. 5, and this was five days before.

In the Utah GOP primary, the report I heard was Romney has 84%. I may vote for Ron Paul just so he can take second in another state.


Another reason I think we're going to get a Democratic president in 2008 is the Dem side is more about who you're for. Are you for the first woman president or the first black president? On the GOP side, it's who you're against. "Washington is broken" isn't exactly an optimistic message. Many votes for McCain seem to be about beating the Democrat in November more than because they love McCain. Romney's positioned himself as the anti-McCain candidate. Huck's the anti-rich, anti-Romney candidate. The only one with real, tangible inspired followers is Ron Paul, and they're a passionate 5% in every state.

I was thrilled with McCain's resurgence a couple months ago. One, because I wanted to vote for him in 2000 and I think it's fairly obvious at this point the country and the party would have been better off under McCain than Dubya. Two, because the thought Giuliani was disturbing and Huckabee downright blood-curdling. I wrote Romney off several months ago due to his stance on stem-cell research. With new medical breakthroughs making that a moot point, I've given him another look. I believe Romney would be good in office, but I don't think he has the love to get there. Too many members of the Republican political machine just don't like him. Many other members of the machine are getting behind him because they dislike McCain more.


When did torture become a conservative principle?


I'm for reducing pollution. I'm not sold on global warming. It's the environmental buzzword of the decade. In the 1990's it was El Nino. In the 1980's it was all about the hole in the ozone layer. According to Gore's PowerPoint presentation, Manhattan should be underwater in, what, about nine years? Stay tuned.

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Kim said...

Boy, Mary Matalin paints a picture with her choice of words. There is more than a "mancrush" here. Huckabee the "Suckabee" is obviously waiting for something that McCain has promised him. I used to think he was a nice man but he is not a nice man at all. He is a dishonest politician!!